Our regular dishes

Our Menu is curently being developped and may change occasionally.


Marinated Olives (V) 

Served with bread


Baked Hummus (V) 

Homemade hummus baked in the oven


Cacik (V) 

Garlic Yoghurt flavoured with cucumber and mint


Beyaz Penir (V)

Marinated Feta cheese


Falafel (V)

Warm homemade falafel served with tomato sauce


Homemade Hummus (V)

Served with bread


Shakshuka (V)

Mixed vegetables on tomato sauce


Grilled Halloumi  Cheese (V)


Mantar Saute (V)

Pan fried mushrooms in chilli and garlic  butter


Karides (Shell on)

Pan Fried king prawns with garlic and chilli butter



Spicy lamb mince mixed with peppers  and onions


Cop Shish

Marinated chicken or lamb servedon a skewer


Kuru Kofte

Homemade lamb meatballs in a tomato sauce



Breaded whitebait



Spicy beef sausage



Squid rings coated in a panco crumb


Firinda Patlican (V)

Baked aubergine topped with peppers, onions and Feta cheese



Choose any 3 Mezes for £9.99
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only

£2.00 supplement for Karides and Calamari



Main Courses

Grilled Dishes:  

Tavuk Sis

Marinated chicken skewers served on a sizzling platter, with peppers and tomatoes


Kuzu Sis

Marinated lamb skewers served on a sizzling platter, with peppers and tomatoes



Traditional hand minced spicy lamb skewers served on a sizzling platter, with peppers and tomatoes


Halloumi Kebab (V)

Slices of halloumi cheese served on a bed of rice or bulgur, topped with  peppers,  mushrooms and tomatoes


Old Bank Mixed Grill

One chicken skewer, one Adana skewer and one lamb skewer, served on a sizzling platter, with peppers and tomatoes

All our Grilled dishes are served with homemade Turkish Bread, bulgur (cracked wheat) or rice and a choice of sauces
Traditional Turkish Specialities:  


A favourite of Alexander the Great!! Homemade pide bread topped with chicken or lamb, tomato sauce and drizzled with garlic yogurt and chilli butter

Chicken £11.00

Lamb £12.50

Anason Tavuk

Chicken cooked in a mushroom and sweet aniseed sauce with peppers, onions and mushrooms.  Served with roasted new potatoes


Lamb Guvec

Traditional slow cooked lamb casserole, served with rice or Bulgur wheat


Falafel (V)

Homemade chickpea falafels served in a tomato sauce on a bed of rice



Chicken or Halloumi cooked in a rich tomato sauce with peppers and onions and wrapped up in a pancake

 Chicken £11.50

Halloumi (V) £11.00

Sebzeli Bulgur Risotto (V)

Mixed vegetables cooked in a bulgur wheat risotto

Fish Dishes:  

Balik Pilaki

Cod fillet in a tomato sauce, with  onions, celery, carrots and olives.  Served with rice or bulgur wheat


Levrek Pilav

Pan fried Seabass fillets served on a bed of bulgur wheat


Kagitta Levrek 

Seabass fillets marinated garlic and parsley, cooked in a paper parcel with tomatoes, peppers and lemon.  Served with rice or bulgur wheat


Balik Sucuk 

Cod fillet cooked in a rich tomato sauce with potatoes, mushrooms and sucuk sausage (spicy beef Turkish sausage)

If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements, please specify this when ordering.


Side Orders

Small Turkish bread (V) £1.00
Large Turkish bread (V) £2.50
Portion of rice or bulgur wheat (V) £1.50
Fries (V) £3.00
Sheppard's salad (with feta cheese) (V) £5.00

Roasted new potatoes (V)

Side Salad (V) £3.00

Sample Desserts

Movenpick Ice Cream  

Vanilla Dream

Premium Vanilla Ice Cream with real vanilla, including the most precious part - the seeds of the vanilla bean.

Swiss Chocolate

Premium Swiss Chocolate shavings blended in a creamy ice cream.  A true taste treat for chocolate lovers.


A creamy, fruity and refreshing ice cream, embellished with delectable strawberry pieces.


The ultimate dream for a sweet tooth.  Temptingly sweet pieces of caramel in a rich and creamy ice cream.


A traditional, rich and creamy flavour, combined with delightfully crunchy pieces of pistachio.

Mint Chocolate

A refreshing, wonderfully creamy peppermint ice cream, enhanced with razor-thin, crunchy shavings made of Maracaibo cocoa.

Rum and Raisin

The subtle taste of Jamaican rum and delicious sultana pieces turn this into an unforgettable sensory experience.

Lemon Sorbet

Made from sun-ripened fruit, offering an authentic and very refreshing citrus taste which is further enhanced by juicy acidic pieces of fruit.

1 scoop £2.49 - 2 scoops £3.99

Homemade Baklava

Layers of filo pastry filled with wallnuts and soaked in a sugar syrup.  Served with cream or ice cream.


Lightly Lemony

Biscuit based with lemon, clotted cream and ice cream, topped with a demerara crumb.


Ginger Sponge pudding

Warm sponge soaked in a stem ginger sauce.  Served with cream or ice cream.


Chocolate Fondant

Warm chocolate sponge with a liquid chocolate centre.  Served with cream or ice cream.



Please ask your server for today's variety of cheesecake.




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