New - Take Away Collection Service - starting on Thu 2nd July!
New - Take Away Collection Service - starting on Thu 2nd July!

Take Away Collection Service

Call us on 01536 660 053 to place your order for collection.


Homemade Hummus (v) £3.50
Tzatziki (v)


Mixed Olives (v) £3.50
Marinated Feta Cheese (v) £4.00

Spicy Lamb Mince

Mixed with Onions and Peppers

Panko Coated Squid Rings £5.50
Grilled Halloumi Cheese (4) (v) £4.50

Baked Aubergine (v)

Topped with Peppers, Onions and Feta Cheese

Spicy Mushrooms (v) £4.50


Spicy beed sausage, grilled with peppers and onions

Falafel (4) (v) £4.50
Baked Hummus (v) £4.00
Breaded Whitebait £4.50

Shakshukka (v)

Baked vegetables and egg in a tomato sause


Homemade Lamb Meatballs

in a tomato sause



Any 3 Mezes only £12.00



Grill Dishes

Chicken Shish £10.50
Lamb Shish £12.00
Spicy Lamb Kofta £11.00
Halloumi Kebab (v) £9.00

Yogurt Kebab

Chicken or Lamb pieces grilled and served with chopped bread, tomato sauce, garlic yogurt and drizzled with chilli butter

- Chicken Yogurt Kebab £10.50
- Lamb Yogurt Kebab £12.00

- Mixed Yoghurt Kebab

   Chicken and Lamb



All our grill dishes are served with homemade bread, grilled peppers, tomato, onions and a choice of rice, bulgur wheat or chips.


Side Orders

Mixed Salad with Feta Cheese £5.00
Large Bread £2.50
Chips £2.50
Mixed Olives £3.50
Rice £2.50
Bulgur Wheat £2.50
Dips £0.50

Speciality Dishes

Aniseed Chicken

Chicken pieces cooked in a sweet aniseed sauce with mushrooms, onions and served with a choice of rice, bulgur wheat or chips


Bulgur Wheat Risotto (v)

Peppers, onions and mushrooms, cooked in a bulgur wheat risotto


Savoury Filled Pancakes

Homemade savoury pancake filled with peppers, onions and a choice of chicken or halloumi in a tomato sauce

- Chicken Pancake £10.50
- Halloumi Pancake £9.00


Homemade Baklava (v) (nuts) £5.00
Cheesecake £4.00


Coke Can 330ml £1.20
Can Diet Coke 330ml £1.20
Can 7UP 330ml £1.20

Sharing Platters

Mixed Cold Meze for 2 people
- Hummus

- Tzatziki

- Feta Cheese

- Mixed Olives

- Homemade Bread


Meaty Box for 2 people

- Chicken Shish

- Lamb Shish

- Lamb Kofta

- Sucuk

- Rice

- Chips

- Homemade Bread


Veggie Box for 2 people

- Grilled Halloumi

- Falafel

- Baked Aubergine

- Spicy Mushrooms

- Rice

- Chips

- Homemade Bread



 Call us on:

 01536 660 053


 Openening Times:


OPEN From Thursday 2nd July
for Take Away Collection Service


We're opening the restaurant on Saturday 4th July at 17:30, after that, the following opening times below apply

Monday, Tuesday


 Wed, Thu, Friday

 Lunch:  Closed

 Dinner: 17:30 - 22:00


 Lunch:  12:00 - 15:00

 Dinner: 17:30 - 22:00




Last food orders taken:

Lunch at 14:00
Dinner at 21:00


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Our address:

The Old Bank
36 High Street  


NN14 6AD

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